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Jerrys Food Emporium Restaurant Makeover host Colleen Wilson interviewing at Jerry's Food Emporium which will see some major changes in the next few weeks, both inside and out. At the end of the month, Jerry's will close to the public for one week when Meredith Heron from the Food Networks hit TV show Restaurant Makeover will lead the renovations to the restaurant that first made its home in Saskatoon 13 years ago.

With the show being in 121 countries around the world I have received a lot of offers to do work across Canada and beyond, commented Heron from her Toronto studio. When we first met with the owners of Jerrys, we just kind of fit together really well. They have an amazing team and a solid understanding of their business, so there was tremendous synergy. I saw the finished project almost immediately after spending a full day with them.

With the restaurant re-opening on Feb. 1, the official launch event is Wednesday, Feb. 10 ALL DAY. Try Jerrys again for the first time Customers will have an opportunity to check out the new restaurant and sample some of the new menu items!

A new childrens area and bakery are just some of the additions to Jerrys. Professional baker Mario Fortin who was coach of the Canadian National Bakery Team at the 2004 and 2007 Bakery World Cup in Paris and member of the jury in 2008 was the consultant for Jerrys new bakery. Made fresh daily, baked goods include scones and cinnamon buns.

Markets have changed over the last 13 years, said Jerry J. Kristian and Elyse P. Cullen, owners of Jerrys. Theyre closer to what we are passionate about fresher foods and products made from scratch. The artisan side is appealing to us as it allows us to create better products and to use more of the local ingredients and flare. We see Saskatoon growing and becoming more and more the land of opportunities and people are searching for different experiences and enjoying new products. We have gone through this renovation to enhance Jerrys menu and experience.

The great burgers, fresh battered cod and hand cut fries can still be found on the menu, now alongside the slow cooked pulled pork on a fresh ciabatta bun and the Moroccan chicken made with Jerrys own spice rub creation.

And, Jerrys Food Emporium has developed a brand new product. Saskatonians know and love Jerrys gelato and ice cream… now customers can pick their flavour for their very own Gelatte™! The Gelatte™ is a trademark of Jerrys Food Emporium.

About Jerrys Food Emporium Jerrys opened its doors on Feb. 1, 1997 in Saskatoon. Jerry J. Kristian, founder, developed this innovative concept with the support and mentorship of his father. With his wife, Elyse P. Cullen, joining in 2003, they have expanded the gelato and ice cream brand and launched a food manufacturing centre. Jerrys was built to be a regular persons place come as you are and enjoy comforting foods. In a world of chains, Jerrys is proof that the local can still succeed.

Video Produced By: Icon Global Host: Colleen Wilson

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